Our Fitting Service

When fitting Luxury Vinyl Flooring, one of the most essential parts of the job is the preparation of the subfloor, ensuring that it meets the manufacturer's specifications for installing LVT.


Flooring Derbyshire takes great pride in our subfloor preparation, using only the best subfloor materials from industry leaders like Mapei. Our fitters are equipped with the latest technology, such as M-Class Vaccums from Nilfisk and flooring equipment from Wolff, ensuring a seamless experience for our customers. 

Flooring Derbyshire offers a range of additional services such as door trimming, and upflift and removal of existing flooring, all of which can be discussed when quoting. 

As a family run business, we pride ourselves on providing a highly personable service, working to the highest standards and working with the greatest respect in your home. 

The Fitting Process

First things first...

 Your fitter will arrive at a pre-arranged time and discuss any final design decisions such as which direction you would like the product to follow. 


If necessary, they will commence with any uplift and removal of existing floor coverings.

Subfloor Preparation

 Getting the subfloor preparation right is the most labour intensive part of the process and paramount to the laying of LVT floors. It is crucial to achieve a smooth finish to the subfloor so your final flooring product achieves the best appearance. 

Depending on the type and quality of your subfloor, we will prepare it with either a screeding compound or plywood.  

The Fitting Process

 You can rest assured that our fitters have years of experience in laying LVT flooring on residential and commerical projects, and are highly skilled at design work. We guarantee the highest standard of fitting, using only industry approved tools and appropriate adhesives. 

Care & Maintenance Guide

Once your floor is installed, our fitters will talk you through our Care & Maintainance Guide which will help you keep your floor looking fresh and vibrant for years to come. Our floors are so easy to look after with just a daily sweep, and we highly recommend a simple spray mop to all of our customers used in conjunction XtraFloor Daily Cleaner